1) How can I get Freebies?

Just browse through our website, and locate the offers you are interested in. Click on the “Get Freebie” button. You will then be forwarded to the company website that is running its free sample giveaway. Then simply follow the instructions that are posted on the website. You usually just need to type a couple of details in such as your name and address. Once you have filled in your information, submit the form. You will usually receive your freebies in approximately 28 days. However, it depends on what the offer is.

2) Who is offering the freebies?

There is a wide selection of companies who give away samples and freebies. Some of the companies that have run freebie campaigns include Nivea, L’Oreal, Cadbury, Tesco, Colgate, Gillette, Olay, Colgate, Fairy, Dove, Huggies, Pampers, Simple, Head & Shoulders, Always, Oral-B, Twinings, Vodafone, Redbush Tea, BBC and many more.

We locate the hottest USA freebies that are being offered and everyday we post them on our website.

3) Why haven’t I received my freebie yet?

We do not stock any of the freebies here at Hotusafreebies.com. Companies running freebie campaigns may get overwhelmed with the huge demand on popular offers. On some offers they may get more than 100,000 requests for some freebies.

You will usually receive your freebie in 28 days or less. If your freebie hasn’t arrived, please be patient (keep in mind that they are free). If you have waited longer than the time stated on the offer, then we recommend that you email the company and ask when they expect the freebie will arrive.

4) What kinds of free items can I get?

There is a wide selection of freebies that are available. We have received free make-up, books, magazines, toothpaste samples, perfume, coffee samples, tea bags, cereal bars, body cream, shampoo and more. Check out our video testimonials page and freebie photos to find out what our visitors have been receiving in their letter boxes.

5) How often do new freebies get released?

Every day there are new freebie offers that are released. The website Hotusafreebies.com gets updated on a daily basis with new freebies. Join our Email Newsletter, Twitter page and Facebook page if you want to be among the first one to find out about the newest releases.

6) Why is free stuff given away by companies?

Handing out free samples of their products is a marketing strategy that companies use to obtain new customers. When people have a chance to try out a product and like it, they will end up buying the product sometime in the future around 70% of the time. So freebies are given away by companies to acquire more customers.

7) Will you send me an email when new freebies get released?

Yes when you sign up to be on our email newsletter, you will get regular updates from us. The sign up form is at the top of this page. You will receive our weekly email newsletter that includes all the week’s hottest freebies.

8) Do you charge a fee for your services or is everything 100% FREE?

We will never charge anyone for using our website. This is a community website. We want to help freebie seekers find free samples. Our goal is to become the hottest and biggest USA freebie community.

9) Will I be getting a lot of spam?

The USA companies will use your personal details to send the freebies to you. Every offer usually has an opt-out box for receiving emails in the future. If you don’t want to receive more emails or mail, tick the box. For more ways to reduce the amount of SPAM you receive, check out our freebie seekers hints and tips.

If you sign up to be on our freebie newsletter, we won’t ever share your personal details with third parties. You only use your information to send you our weekly newsletter.

Many companies offering free items and samples do require you to fill in your email address on their freebie request form. To prevent your regular email address from getting flooded with email, we recommend that you set a new email address up (Hotmail or Gmail) and use it for your freebie offers exclusively.

10) I represent a media organization. Who can be contacted for more information or an interview?

You can send a message to us using our Contact Us form. Provide us with your name and telephone number along with a brief message. We will be very happy to respond. Already, we have been featured in numerous USA newspapers and websites. For more information, check out the press coverage page.

Please review the press information page if you need figures and facts about our website.

11) What does your privacy policy include?

Our complete privacy policy can be seen here.

12) Do you have any other questions?

If your question isn’t answered here, just use the Contact Us form and send us your question. We will be back in touch with you within 24 hours.

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