Advice For Beginners

These tips will help to make freebie searching more smooth.

1. Have a secondary email address so that your main email account isn’t clogged with deals. You can use gmail or hotmail for this new account.

2. Join Facebook and Twitter and follow others doing this for the greatest and latest deals. We’ll have new offers daily and you’ll be able to follow them on our social media sites.

3. Don’t forget to subscribe to weekly email newsletters so that you won’t miss a single deal. We will handpick our best deals and put them in the newsletter every Wednesday so that you won’t miss a thing.

4. Download our apps on both iPhone and Android to keep up with he latest and greatest offers while you are on the go. Our app is always free and updated daily with great offers you won’t want to miss.

5. Ensure that you visit our website every day for the best deals. Our website is updated by 11 am every morning and we add in at least three to four new freebies. All of our offers are genuine from legitimate companies.

Tips For Freebie Hunting

1. Apply as quickly as you can for freebies, they go fast. The sooner you can apply the better your chance of getting in on the great deal.

2. Follow all of the instructions to the letter for best results. Fill out all of the details and be sure your address is always correct so you get your freebie.

3. Order only what you need. Don’t order things you don’t need and you will always be assured that you have plenty. Give everyone a chance and you’ll have your chance as well. New freebies go fast so be sure you check back several times per day to find out if we have something you want.

We’ve had loads of great freebies in the past 2 months.

Do you have too many?

Share them or pass them along for friends or family.

Sell the extras on ebay.

Donate to charity.

Recycle or swap them for something you need.

Please feel free to send us your hints and tips on our contact page.